Grade Level Information

Required Registration Documents

* Certificate of Residency from the Town Hall
* Evidence of residency (mortgage payment, property tax bill, lease agreement, rent receipt)
* Evidence of occupancy (bank statement, pay stub, excise tax bill, gas bill, electric bill, water bill)
* Parent proof of identification (copy of driver's license)
* Student's birth certificate
* Student's immunization record
* Current physical within the last year
* Conduct history or discipline report from the student's current school
* Transcript and last report card from the student's current school
* If applicable, copy of 504 or IEP and special education testing

Freshmen Information:

Coming soon!

Senior Information

  • Transcript Release Form - All students should return this form to the Guidance office as soon as possible. Transcripts can not be sent to any college (2yr or 4 yr), technical school, military service, employment office, etc... without a parent signature on this form.
  • Scholarships are located on our website under scholarships and they are also posted in Naviance and in guidance on the bulletin board. Deadlines vary so make sure to complete all of the requirements and request a transcript if necessary.
  • TBD at 6:00 in the auditorium MEFA will be doing a presentation about the financial aid process all are invited to attend. To qualify for financial aid the FAFSA forms will need to completed online. You can not fill them out until January 1. Priority deadline is March 1st and final deadline is May 1st. The FAFSA can be located at
  • All transcript requests must be made by students through their Naviance account. Once a request has been made Guidance will send out an official transcript. Official transcripts must be sent directly from our office to the institution. Most colleges will not accept official transcripts from students because they have the potential to be tampered with.
  • Senior Parent's Night Powerpoint (Click here to view)- Future Planning Parent Presentation night is TBD  in the auditorium. This is the same presentation that your child has seen in English class during the week of TBD . Students were given a folder of information with a copy of their unofficial transcript and were encouraged to share this information with their parents. Individual counseling meetings with Seniors will begin the week of TBD.
  • Senior Presentation: Click here to view
  • Schedule of College Visits: sites/default/files/658/file/Schedule of College Visits (4).pdf
  • Scholarship Information: sites/default/files/658/file/Scholarship List (8).doc

Junior Information

Attention Juniors,


This is a reminder to students who plan on taking the May SAT. Please register before this Friday, otherwise you will be required to pay a late registration fee. To register, go to: The next test date is TBD (register by TBD) and is offered at DR.

*Dual Enrollment

Students interested in taking a Dual Enrollment course at BCC in the summer or fall can get more information from us during the first 10 minutes at lunch on Tuesday and Thursday this week. We will have information about Dual Enrollment and applications available. Click on the link below for the important guidelines on eligibility and registration for dual enrollment courses. Dual Enrollment Information

Thank you,

Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Donahue

Have you completed the following on Naviance (all found in the About Me tab):

  • Game Plan
  • Career Cluster Finder
  • Personality Type
  • Career Interest Profiler

Please remember to do the following:

  • Did your parent/guardian sign the Transcript release forms we handed out earlier this year? ( If not, the pdf is attached to this email or you can get a copy in Guidance)
  • College search and saving colleges in "Colleges I'm thinking About"- you should have 5-8 schools finalized when you return in the fall
  • Have you completed your resume yet?-- Never too late to add more to it (also in Naviance's About Me tab).
  • Have you asked teachers for letters of recommendations if you are considering early action to schools?

Counselors will visit all Junior English classes to go over the Preparing for Senior year checklist. Students were given a handout to complete and return to counselors by this Friday. If you would like to review it with you child, a copy is attached below.

Remember to finish up your academics strong! Also, this summer you should consider finding opportunities to add to your resume ( part time work, volunteer services, summer internships - Get involved!)


Preparing for Senior year


Have you taken the SAT/ACT yet?

Highest total Score out of 2400 (for SAT) or 32 (for ACT) ___________

If you have not taken the SAT/ACT, when will you?

If needed, have you taken other required or recommended tests (e.g., SAT Subject Tests) or when will you?

College Search:

Have you searched for colleges via Naviance?

Have you compared college admission requirements to your hard data (GPA, SAT scores)?

Have you added (5-8) schools to "colleges I'm thinking about?" (keep in mind safety, match, reach)

What are your top 3 schools?

What is your intended major?

Are you thinking about applying early action (EA) or early decision (ED)?


If yes to EA or ED, who will you be asking for letters of recommendation?

Please ask your recommender in person before school ends this year(then request them in Naviance).

Do the schools you are applying to require a guidance counselor recommendation?

If yes, you must complete student brag sheet and inform your counselor by TBD.

Have you completed Resume feature in Naviance (under About Me tab)?




Do you plan on playing a Division I or II sport in college?


Summer Plans/College Visits:

Have you visited any colleges yet?

Which colleges will you visit this summer?

What are your summer plans? (Summer internships, working, volunteering, etc)

If your schools are "commonapp" schools, create account. As of 81/14, you can begin to fill out the application (but not before).

Transcript release

Preparing for Senior year checklist

Sophomore Information

  • Sophomore Powerpoint Presentation
  • Guidance Counselors went into sophomore history classes during February to begin the career exploration process on Naviance. Students completed a 180 question career interest profiler, which produced a career interest type. Students also completed a career cluster pathways inventory, which also resulted in three suggested career clusters. Students were also given a list of potential occupations to explore, based on their results, and added one, if not more, occupations to their profile. The Naviance software will be used each year with students and can be accessed from home as well. Students have their own username and password, which parents can use to access the site as well. Sophomores will begin the college preparation process on Naviance in their junior year, and will be requesting their college application materials on Naviance senior year. A sample of a student's results are below:
  • Realistic: 0
  • Investigative: 5
  • Artistic: 3
  • Social: 0
  • Enterprising: 6
  • Conventional: 10


Realistic: Realistic occupations frequently involve work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They often deal with plants, animals, and real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery. Many of the occupations require working outside, and do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others.

Investigative: Investigative occupations frequently involve working with ideas, and require an extensive amount of thinking. These occupations can involve searching for facts and figuring out problems mentally.

Artistic: Artistic occupations frequently involve working with forms, designs and patterns. They often require self-expression and the work can be done without following a clear set of rules.

Social: Social occupations frequently involve working with, communicating with, and teaching people. These occupations often involve helping or providing service to others.

Enterprising: Enterprising occupations frequently involve starting up and carrying out projects. These occupations can involve leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business.

Conventional: Conventional occupations frequently involve following set procedures and routines. These occupations can include working with data and details more than with ideas. Usually there is a clear line of authority to follow.

  • As of mid-March - Guidance counselors have begun meeting with Sophomores individually and will continue through the month of April.

    Individual meeting topics:
    A transcript audit and discussion about courses, grades, and graduation requirements
    Naviance (career plans) review and future plan discussion
    Extracurricular Involvement
    Standardized Testing

    Sophomores will be given a template of suggested courses for both junior and senior year, based on the student's abilities, interests, and career assessments that were done last month. When the portal opens on X2, students can then select their courses based on these discussions with their guidance counselors.

    At this point, sophomores have completed a personality test, career interest inventory, career cluster finder, and started a career list in their Naviance account. Parents can access their child's Naviance account by using their child's username and password, which the students created when they signed up for Naviance. For more information you can ask your child to see the copy of the counselor's notes and your child's naviance results.

    If you have any questions or cannot access Naviance, please feel free to email or call Mrs. Tremblett or Mrs. Maidment.

Freshman Information

SAT/ACT Information

  • Please remember to send SAT scores directly from College Board to the college (
  • ACT scores should be sent directly from

Helpful Websites

Naviance - Manage recommendations, request transcripts, etc. SAT, PSAT ACT Testing Federal Financial Aid form Massachusetts Educational Financial authority

US News: Article on college essay tips Scholarships

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